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Trey is a veteran of the industrial decorating business with 31 years of experience supporting users from Maryland to Mexico. His manufacturing representative company serves the core decorating processes for plastics decorating. Trey has a loyal customer base with a diverse array of product lines that can meet any need.

Trey will partner with you to find the most efficient solutions for your entire project with his expertise and support of top quality manufacturers. By selling the equipment, tooling, supplies, foils and inks, he has a vested interest in the success of your entire process. You can expect quick analysis, rapid deployment, and responsive service throughout the lifecycle of your application. For an unbiased source, with free consultation, contact Trey Benton today.


Salem, SC 29676
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Hastings Advanced Decorating Systems: Hot Stamp Equipment and Automation Member, Society of Plastics Engineers
Si-Cal : Graphics for Branding of Injection Molded Products
Schwerdtle: Silicone Rubber Dies, Sheet Stock and Fixtures
Comdec Incorporated: Pad and Screen Print Equipment and Supplies
Enercon Industries: Flame, Air Plasma and Corona Surface Treating
• Contract Hydrographics, Pad Printing, Hot Stamping and Finishing
• Hot Stamping Foil